Laihia-Vaasa bussilinja

Laihia-Vaasa Timetable

Transport Monday-Friday. The car can be about 5 minutes late, especially in the afternoon, due to a strict timetable.

A Vaasa-Laihia journey costs €6.00. Buying the trip with a Matkahuolto card will cost you less. Any inquiries/requests and feedback should be addressed to our e-mail address. There is no further information on this line from our PBX.

Driving route: Matkakeskus - Rautatienkatu - Vaasanpuistikko - Koulukatu - Hietalahdenkatu - Highway -Tarhaajantie - Runsorintie (Wärtsilä) - Laihiantie 715 - Vaasantie - Kauppatie - Laihia

If you come from Vaasa, and the car goes for example from Vasa Matkakeskus at 06.50, it’s in Runsori around 07.00.

When you come from Laihia, and the car leaves Laihia at 07.25, it’s in Runsori around 07:40.

In the morning, when you come from Laihia, you pass also Latokartanontie and Rantamaantie past Korkeamäki, Kaarlenkenttä and the racetrack.



Koulukatu 63
65100 Vaasa

Phone: (06) 315 5771

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